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10 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

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Kasra Dash

Kasra Dash

10 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

The way we read and connect with websites has changed dramatically over the years.  So much so, that businesses are now needing to think about how they can transform their online content to be readable across different devices!  The fact of the matter is, more and more of us are browsing the web via phone or tablet than via desktop.

That means there has needed to be a growth in the production of responsive, flexible web content.  Content which is easy to read, navigate and respond to wherever we may be. Is your website or web copy easy to use across mobile devices?  If not, here are a few reasons why you should be seriously thinking about responsive design in the here and now.

Responsive Design is Automated

Responsive web design allows you to completely change the shape and functionality of a web page without you having to get into the code.  Responsive design platforms will automatically resize and restructure content so that it is always viewed to an optimum standard.  Building additional, external mobile sites will be additional work for you to handle.  Responsive design reduces headaches and allows you to produce one design to fit all viewers.

Bounce Rates are Reduced

A website which is automatically easy to use and navigate via mobile will be less likely to see visitors bounce.  One of the key factors in the back button being clicked is lack of answers or functionality.  By building a website responsively, you are taking away the temptation for frustrated mobile users to head straight back to Google.  People stay on-page for longer thanks to your functional approach.

SEO is Covered

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is something which is always evolving.  Google is always changing its algorithms.  Recently, they have made it clear that mobile or responsive sites will receive preferential treatment when it comes to search results.  Therefore, having a responsive design setup automatically ticks a few SEO boxes.

Positive Impressions From the Word Go

Anyone visiting your responsive site via mobile will be able to see that you have put genuine effort into appealing to their needs.  A great mobile site design, built through a responsive platform, will ensure that you are ready to put your best foot, or face, forward.

Sales Will Increase

This is obviously going to be a big selling point for responsive web design.  If people can connect with you and can buy products easier via mobile than ever before, you are going to generate more sales.  Failing to build a responsive design puts you at the back of the pack.  More people will be more likely to buy from you and to remain loyal to you if your site is easy to use and to navigate.  Think about your own browsing and buying habits!

Website Speeds Will Increase

One of the huge overriding benefits of responsive design is the fact that your pages and content will be quick to load.  There is nothing more off-putting than a website that’s sluggish or slow to giving you answers.  If your website is slow, people are going to be hitting that back button to look elsewhere.  Once again, think about how you’d feel as a visitor!

Enhanced Data and Analytics

Usage analytics are everything when it comes to monitoring and measuring online appeal.  Responsive web design will be able to let you analyse visitor data and site usage through one specific channel.  This means you won’t have to monitor several different versions of a site at any one time.  Responsive website analytics are simple to digest and are easy to understand.  This will be very helpful indeed for the growth of your website and your business.

Buck the Trend

Many businesses and brands, if not most of them, will be offering responsive websites.  Responsive web design is simply more affordable, quicker to use and more appealing to customers.  Therefore, it’s highly likely big brands and even plenty of local services will already have leapt onto the mobile-first bandwagon.  Some even build and provide apps for offline use.  Are you doing enough to cover these corners of the market, and to beat back the competition?  If not, it’s time to have a good rethink.  Alternatively, approach someone who can help you!

You’ll Boost Your Reach

While it’s safe to say that plenty of us are actively browsing the web via mobile, is your website necessarily doing enough to advertise or appeal to mobile users directly?  With responsive web design, you will be able to produce content that can be directly marketed towards those who are likely to find you and use your services through their phones.  Google will help you with this, as their mobile-first mentality has helped to push responsive websites up the search rankings.  These are the people you’re going to need to reach out to.

Capitalise on Conversion

Conversion rate optimisation, or CRO, is massively important.  This is where your website needs to work hard to keep your visitors on-site, and to make sure that they are engaging with your content.  Once someone clicks to view your website, your goal is to keep them there and to encourage them to click elsewhere.  Responsive web design makes it easier for people to explore websites.  Your average conversion rate will likely increase if products and services are easy to find and if your website is generally easier to navigate than standard desktop models.


Responsive web design is the way forward.  Regardless of the business you are running, the time to appeal to mobile users and browsers is now.  Responsive design will automatically morph your web copy into digestible, mobile-friendly content that’s easy to connect with and more intriguing to boot.  Why stick with old, clunky desktop-only web design?  It doesn’t make much sense!

Need help developing mobile site design?  Interested in how responsive web design could help to enhance your business’ conversion rate?  Contact our team today to get started!


Kasra Dash
Kasra Dash

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