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Shopify Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumb navigation can be a major part of SEO for many sites, including those on the Shopify platform. However, actually making use of the breadcrumb trail is not easy, especially not for people who barely understand how they work. While

Shopify Rich Snippets Tutorial

With rich snippets, Shopify store owners can adapt how their site appears in search results, as well as provide potential customers with more information about their ecommerce store. Whether you are looking to draw in more organic search traffic or

Shopify Image Optimization

It has been said that an image can speak a thousand words, and in the fast pace of the online market, nothing is more valuable than this. Despite all of the benefits they can bring, did you know that your

Keyword Research for Shopify Stores

As a Shopify store owner, you can spend a long time perfecting your website. However, no matter how long you have spent perfecting your website or how much money the theme cost, this will all be wasted without some SEO

Technical seo for shopify

Most ecommerce businesses these days operate through Shopify. This means by running an online store; you need to understand how Shopify works and how you can leverage this platform for ongoing success. As an online business, one of the most

Shopify Multiple Stores One Domain

Shopify is perhaps the leading ecommerce platform out there, so it makes sense for you to open your online store using it. However, now you have your store up and running, and you may be considering opening another. It is

Guide To Robots.txt on Shopify

Shopify sites have been a popular choice for online store owners for years, but the recent addition of customisable Shopify robots.txt file options has made a huge difference. But what does this actually mean, and how does it benefit Shopify

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